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Basic Cut

Basic cut is a broad term but typically covers all graded edges from 0.5 upwards and a scissor cut on top. For example a 2 back and sides with a scissor cut on top would be classed as a basic cut. 


Flat Top

This is a classic hairstyle where the hair on the top of the head is cut and styled upright to form a flat profile. This is generally a short haircut and looks great on the right head shapes.


Hair & Beard

A beard trim and shape up can be added to any haircut and you will be given a discounted price.


Skin Fade

Skin fades have been the most popular haircut in the shop for many years now. This is where the client has a 0 round the back and sides and faded up. There are a variety of different skin fades so please ask the barber to run through your options.


Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a clipper cut where grades are used on the sides and top. It is also known as a crop. For example a grade 2 on top and 1 around the side would be classed as a buzz cut. At OSH a free wash and tonic is included in this service.


Kid's U'16

Kid's that are 15 and below are entitled to a haircut at a discounted price of £14. This includes any haircut except a foil skin fade.


Taper Fade

Taper fades have become very popular over the past few years. They allow clients to maintain length whilst still having a fade at the nape as well as the side burn areas.

£12 - £20

Beard Treatments

Here at OSH, we offer a variety of beard treatments. This ranges from trims and shape ups to hot towel shaves with a cut throat razor. 



Pensioners are entitled to a heavily reduced rate of £10 from Monday through to Thursday. This includes all haircuts except a full scissor cut.

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